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Our Commercial Surety Bonds

Aegis Surety Bonds and Insurance Services, LLC (Aegis Surety) provides agents and their clients Commercial Surety Bonds to meet their business needs. Commercial Surety Bonds encompass all types of surety bonds outside the Contract Surety classification that are used to ensure business owners comply with federal and local laws in place to protect consumers.

Products Offered:

  • License/Permit – Bonds required by governing agencies to obtain a license or permit to engage in business activities.
    • Examples – Street permits, mortgage broker, real estate broker, motor vehicle dealer, contractors license.
  • Tax Bonds – Bonds that guarantee payment of taxes as prescribed by the laws and regulations governing the business.
    • Examples – Alcohol, tobacco, and sales tax bonds.
  • Court Bonds – Bonds required during probate and civil court proceedings to guarantee compliance with the orders of the court.
    • Examples – Administrator, personal representative, Mechanic’s lien bonds.
  • Supply and Service Contract Bond – Bonds that guarantee the faithful performance of supply or service contracts.
    • Examples – Trash haulers, janitorial services, food services.
  • Miscellaneous – Bonds that fall outside of the standard bond classes.
    • Examples – Utility deposit, lottery, lost securities.

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Our surety bonds are underwritten with Aegis Security Insurance Company, an A.M. Best “A- (Excellent), Financial size VII” rated carrier. Aegis is currently approved by the United States Department of Treasury for single bond amounts up to $5,644,000.

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